Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome Summer!

Emilee's class had an end of the year BBQ and awards ceremony yesterday. It was for the parents and siblings of the kids in the Lifeskills class. Emilee's teacher, Mrs. Cannon, is in the brown behind Emilee. The BBQ was a lot of fun!

Emilee won the award for Best Cheerleader, because she's always cheering on the other students!

To Welcome the kids home on their last day of school I painted them a, "Welcome Summer" banner! I wish this picture showed all of the banner. It has a sun on the left and a red flower on the right. They loved it and it was a great start to the summer!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

10th Anniversary!

Sterling and I had our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Friday, May 22, 2009! My mom was nice enough to watch the kids so we could go to The Anniversary Inn in Logan, UT.

We stayed in a super cute room called Joanie's Diner!

It had a Jukebox full of 50's music!

Here's Sterling behind the counter at the diner!

Me and Betty Boop!

Here I am in the phone booth!

I love the attention to detail in this room!

Ster and I sitting at the booth.

Me behind the counter.

Me on the cute 50's couch!

The Bed. Don't you love that bedspread?

The jetted tub with the two towels folded like kissing swans!
We had a amazing time! We went to see Angels and Demons and we both loved it. 5 stars. We both love Indian Food, so we ate at the Tandoori Oven, since our first choice was booked for a wedding. It wasn't too fancy but the food was wonderful! It was a fun and memorable 10th Anniversary!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Eagles

Saturday Sterling and I were able to go to The Eagles concert! We left the house at 4:30 PM so we could go to dinner before. We went to a restaurant we've never been before called the Indian House. I highly recommend it. It's on State St. in Sandy by the Rio Tinto stadium. We started off the meal with Deep Fried Vegetable Balls. They arrived sizzling and were served with two sauces one sweet and one more on the tart and spicy side. Both tasted wonderful and added a lot to the veggie balls. We both ordered the Vegetable Coconut Korma. I ordered mine mild and Sterling got the medium. It was a yummy coconut sauce made of onions, cashews, golden raisins, coconut cream and spices all mixed with cauliflower and carrots over rice. The spices were just right and it tasted wonderful. For Dessert we got the Peshwari Naan which is Indian bread stuffed with coconut, cashew nuts and raisins drizzled with honey. It had some different spices I couldn't identify (sage maybe?) but it was Yummy! We then headed to the Rio Tinto Stadium, found parking, and then our seats. We thought the show started at 7 PM and couldn't believe how sparse the crowd was at 10 to 7. We then took out the tickets and saw the show actually started at 8! Oops! Better to be an hour early than an hour late. So we walked around the stadium for awhile to pass time. The opening act for The Eagles was Michelle Branch! She did a great job. The Eagles took the stage at about 10 to 9 and had fans on their feet for most of the show. They did a great job and had great energy considering their age (in their 60's). Joe Walsh is an amazing guitar player. Very fun to watch. They had a huge arched screen behind them that had cool light effects and graphics and/or video. It was fun to see how many ways they used that.

This is what the screen looked like during Hotel California! They didn't allow camera's inside the stadium so I got the concert pictures off the SL Trib site!

We left during the second song, after they came back on for the encore, to beat traffic. It worked and we got out without having to wait! They performed for almost 2 hours and we got home at 11:30PM. It was a great date and even better because The Salt Lake Tribune gave us the tickets for being in a newspaper advertisement for them (see two posts below)!