Saturday, September 6, 2008


We were planning on getting together for my mom's b-day last night. An hour or so before we were suppose to be there my mom called and said she thought Ren (my stepdad) had a stoke and they were at the ER. Turns out he had something called Transient Global Amnesia. In a lot of ways it mimics a stroke and the only way they can tell it's not a stroke is by running some tests. Transient Global Amnesia is a short term memory loss (usually around 5 hours) that is usually only seen in 50-60 year olds. After about five hours Ren was just fine. I'd never heard of this condition before yesterday. Needless to say we didn't have the B-day party last night. But we did have it today. It was great to get together with my siblings and my mom. We had dinner, cake and ice cream and my mom opened her presents. I got her a really cute purse from my new favorite store. Bags That Fit.

It's located on Main Street in Lehi! Believe me it's worth the drive (if you're a purse person, which I am)!

After the B-Day party we went to Lehi Legacy Center for some swimming. Our dentist rented out the whole place so we got in for free! They had a drawing and gave away a mountain bike, i-pod, dvd player, and 42" flat screen TV. Too bad I didn't win anything. That's ok cuz we still had a blast. They also had snow cones but I'm glad the kids didn't notice because they'd already had tons of sugar with the cake and ice cream. I forgot my camera but did find this picture of the Legacy Center.

That's a huge bucket that fills up with water and dumps every few minutes. Once Hailee and I were walking right under it when it dumped. I felt so bad for Hailee that I didn't notice it was about to dump out. We were like the people in the right of the picture. So much for trying to keep my hair some what dry.
We were really tired when we got home and the kids went right to bed! It was a great way to spend a Sat.