Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Party

Emilee had an Alice in Wonderland party for her 9th Birthday!

They Played Croquet!

 I made the croquet sticks out of a pineapple can and the cardboard insert from wrapping paper and a little paint.  I also bent hangers and hot glued Alice character pictures for the half circles to hit the ball through.

This is the food table before the treats were set out.  They were chocolate and would've melted in the hot sun!

Painting The Roses Red and Playing Card centerpiece.  Also the Drink Me! bottles in the back ground!

      The Giant Tea Cup centerpiece!

Flowers with eyes in a stack of Tea Cups and a Playing Card Guard!

Eat Me! Cupcakes

Playing Card Banner!

I wish that I got a picture of the Edible Tea Cup's we made.  After they made it we filled it with some coconut ice cream and then they ate them!  We also played a tea cup relay race and Toss the sugar cube into the tea cup game.  It was a really fun party!