Monday, June 23, 2008

A Good Day To Be On Time

This morning as I was taking Christian to Karate (with all the other kids in tow), we passed a car that had been pulled over by three cops. The car was directly to our right so we had to slow down to go around the cops and car. There were three cops and one was at the driver's side door trying to open the door and he looked pretty mad like he was telling her to open her door. Right as I was driving past I looked over and saw the women turn her head and she bent down like she was getting something from between the driver and passenger seat. By the time I got to the stop light I looked back and noticed that they got the passenger door open.

A few minutes after I was at the Karate Studio I heard a ton of sirens from cop cars, fire engines, and ambulances. When Karate was over I was loading the kids in the van and noticed that life flight was flying almost directly over us. When we tried to turn left to get on Lehi Main St. it was completely blocked off so we had to take a detour. When I back on Main St. I looked in my review mirror and saw more cops, fire engines, and ambulances (and news helicopters) then I've ever seen in my whole life.

When I got home I got online to find out what had happened. It turns out that the woman shot the officer while in her car and then got out and the other two cops opened fire and killed her. The situation was "breaking news" all day in Utah.

When I drove by and saw the lady grabbing for something it did cross my mind that she could be grabbing for a gun; and because her door was locked, I didn't think she was reaching for her wallet.

I'm so very grateful that I was on time for Karate today and that we weren't around when the shooting happened. I figure that I was about 30-45 sec. away when the shooting happened. I'm trying not to dwell on what-ifs and just be grateful that I, and more importantly, my kids were out of the line of fire

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Environmental Hall Of Fame

Sterling is in LA today to be given (and also to present) an award from Environmental Hall Of Fame! Here's a little explanation I got from their website-

This event will be the inaugural ceremony to launch the Environmental Hall of Fame. The first class of 14+ individuals or environmental groups will be inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame that day. Full time research was conducted for over one year and is ongoing. Criteria for choosing nominees included recommendations by peers, longevity in the environmental field and overall impact.
The individuals or organizations chosen as nominees have already made some of the greatest contributions to the environment. There will be awards in 12 major fields that encompass approximately 50 categories, including: Awareness, Community, Energy Efficiency, Government, International, Media, Natural Capitalism, Solar Energy, Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability, Transportation and Wind Energy. The 50 categories span the depth and breadth of environmental concerns. This year we will induct approximately 50 individuals, organizations or businesses into the Hall of Fame, generally one for each category. A book and DVD are scheduled to be published in the summer of 2008 under the name “The Environmental Hall of Fame.” Once the inductees are chosen, we will include a profile of them, their contributions and recommendations in the book and DVD, “The Environmental Hall of Fame, 2008 Edition.” This book and DVD will be released to TV, Internet and other media for broadcast and distribution. The book and DVD will also be available to the public through the Environmental Hall of Fame website.
The recognition garnered in receiving a place in the Environmental Hall of Fame is intended to be equivalent to receiving an Academy, Emmy, or Grammy Award in the entertainment industry.

Here's a blog with a list of this years nominees

Sterling's organization is New Energy Congress, UT listed two after Madonna, England! Some others famous people getting nominated are Al Gore, Leonardo DeCaprio, Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz, Jack Canfield, Robert Redford, Brad and Angelia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bill Clinton.

I'm so proud of Sterling! He's worked really, really hard and its nice that he's finally getting recognized for it!

Congratulations Sterling! I hope you have a great time walking the GREEN carpet!!