Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aubrie's Barbie Party

Aubrie's 7th Birthday Party!

Opening presents

Barbie Cake

Marshmallows dipped in Pink Chocolate and sprinkles

Flowers in Bloom Box

Golden Oreo's dipped in Pink Chocolate

Popcorn Cones

I made all of the treat stands and candy jars by gluing candle sticks to china plates or glass bowls!

Barbie magnets.  One of the party favors.

Tulle Wreath

Party Favors.  It contained a ring pop and makeup.

Coloring Barbie pictures and then we made beautiful bead bracelets.

I also painted all of the girls fingernails!  It was a fun barbie party for Aubrie's Big Day!


Hailee was a girl pirate!
Emilee was a beautiful bride and Aubrie was a Geisha!

Christian was Spiderman.  He has a mask that he wasn't wearing during this picture.

   The kids had a great time parading around town with their school.  They don't have Halloween parties but they love Trick or Treating at many of the down town businesses! 
On Sat. We went to Sandy to take part in the Trunk or Treat in my brother's neighborhood.  It got rained out though so we just ended up taking the kids around in the rain.  I think a lot of people felt sorry for them and ended up giving them handfuls of candy.  We went back to my brother's for dinner and then the kids headed out for more trick or treating.  I was worried that they would hardly get any candy but they ended up with more than they've ever gotten!