Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Pony Party

Hailee's 5th Birthday Party!

The cake

Hailee was very excited to get three new ponies!

Rock Candy Suckers

Candy Cane Sticks

Ribbon Candy

Salt Water Taffy

Jolly Rancher Candy Canes

I found Cotton Candy in just the right colors!

Happy Birthday Banner.  I found the letters on Martha Stewart.

The kids LOVED filling their plates with whatever treats they wanted!  Not sure their Moms loved me for that!

Pinwheel Flowers

Party Favors.  It contained a nailpolish, lip gloss and ring pop.

Coloring.  More pinwheel flowers in vase and flower pots. 

Making beautiful "pearl" braclets.  The girls loved it! They also decorated heart foam wands with Jewels.  We also played Pin the Tail on The Pony.  I had more games planned but we ran out of time because we also had a yummy pizza lunch!

I bought a My Little Pony calendar from the dollar store and cut it apart for the decorations. I glued two calendar pages together and hung them from the ceiling. 

Happy Birthday, Hailee!!!!

This is the cheapest party I've ever done.  Wanna guess how much it cost me?  $20!!!!!