Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a busy Easter Weekend. On Friday I did the easter party for Emilee's class. We made bunny door knob hangers, had a easter egg hunt and had some yummy treats. I also had a little Easter Party for Christian, Aubrie and Hailee. On Sat. we woke up and went to the Eagle Mountain City Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't too excited to go to this because the first year we went my kids didn't even get any candy. There were so many kids and not very much candy. This year they at least got some. Hailee got two whole eggs! Then we called the Animal Shelter to see when they closed. They told us noon. So we hurried to Lindon to pick out an Easter cat for our kids. We kept going to the front asking questions about different cats. We'd let them out one at a time to play with them and see how it reacted to four kids. When it was 10 to 12 we went up front to tell them that we picked out a cat. They then informed up that adoptions close at 11:30AM. Well that would have been nice to know at about 11:25AM! They were a bunch of teenagers that just didn't want to do all the paperwork I think. Did they think we went out of our way so we could play with the cats for fun? I was so mad! So then we had to pry our kids away from the cat and try and get them in the car. They were all thinking we were the most evil parents alive! We then called the Spanish Fork Shelter and they closed at 2 PM with adoptions closing at 1:30PM. So we headed off to Spanish Fork to a MUCH cleaner shelter. They had 60 cats to choose from. It was so hard to pick! We finally picked out an adorable black and white male cat. We are still trying to pick out a name. He won't stand still long enough for me to get a picture. As soon as I get one I'll post it! He's a sweet cat who sleeps with the kids and doesn't scratch or bite them even though Hailee sometimes pulls his tail and whiskers.

Easter morning the kids woke up early and had a fun Easter Egg Hunt around the house. Later that day we went to my mom's and had a nice Easter Dinner with the whole family. After dinner we had another Easter Egg Hunt. It was a busy and fun day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Candy Company

Yesterday we went with our homeschool group on a candy factory tour. Too bad I didn't get a picture of us all in our lovely hairnets. I thought Hailee would keep trying to take it off but she did great. She only took it off one time. They had yellow lines painted on the floor that you had to stay between at all times. I felt like we were walking down the yellow brick road! They had 2500 lb bags of sugar that were hooked up to a "Sugar Pipe" which would take it to various places around the factory. They also had Chocolate and Corn Syrup pipes. It sort of felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory minus the little orange umpa lumpas!

My kids liked the Taffy Room the best. They roll Taffy into huge 90 lb. cylinders and then put it in a machine that rolls it out like a huge play dough snake. It's then cut and wrapped. We got to try a fresh, still warm watermelon taffy. It was incredible.

It was also fun to see how they make cinnamon bears and orange sticks.

At the end of the tour we all got a free bag of Salt Water Taffy and then we bought some other yummy stuff in their store!